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One of the tangible results of the entry of stainless steel and special alloys to the NACE standards for the oil industry Gas and petrochemicals ... .Automated international manufacturers and preventing damages caused by the use of non-quality imported goods Available on the Iranian market. In this regard, Mehdi Pour's exclusive representative of Cogne Italy (the largest producer Europeans are working hard to supply the consumers of stainless steels and alloys

Products: Cogne Italy: (Factory Production Description)

Fittings from 3 mm to 900 mm dia. (Surface quality of all types of production meshes)

Armed stainless steel crimped rails

Stainless Steel in Alloys
Duplex UNS 32205

Superflex UNS322750-UNS322760

Hardness Density 4- 17
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Anti-blind DIN 1.4923

Heat resistant 314-310-310S

Austenitic-Martensite like 431-440B-420 MOD-410-316L-304L

Complete List of Alloys Produced